MVCEA Shout Outs

Good Day MVCEA,

As we are nearing the end of this fiscal year, the question regarding Merit Increases and when they are due and paid has come up again.

Please read the following:

We are in year one of a two year contract.  Last year’s increases were advanced for this fiscal year.  If you were due a merit increase/PAR prior to July 1, 2016, you have already received your increase for this year.  If you are due a merit increase/PAR after July 1, 2016, you should receive an increase this year, technically next fiscal year. Keep in mind, if an employee has reached the end of the Merit Range, they will not receive an increase.

For promotional or probationary employees, their increases are issued in conjunction with successful completion of probation.

Also, your Anniversary date and your Annual Review date may not necessarily be the same.  For example, if an employee began with the City on November 30, 2005, at that time initial probation was 6 months.  Upon the completion of their 6 month probation on May 30, 2006, that would become their Annual Review date, and would be so in each year to follow.  However, to calculate years of service, one would use the original hire date of November 30, 2005.

If this is still unclear, we kindly suggest you speak with a staff person in Human Resources.